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A word from our Founder

Thanks for checking out our team! I wanted to give you a little insight into our culture and mission.

We help timeshare owners get out of really bad situations. We started by fixing the way the timeshare exit industry is run, and built the simplest and most affordable timeshare cancellation process in our industry.

We started in Myrtle Beach, SC and continue to grow our home office, have been backed by outstanding partners, and most importantly have improved the lives of thousands of former timeshare owners.

We work aggressively to solve problems, perpetually challenge how we collaborate and we put great care and passion in what we do.

We’re looking for the brightest folks to join us:

You who deeply care about what you do, how you work, thrive for simplicity, love Cancel Timeshare's mission and care about helping people.‍

If that resonates and you think you can bring us as much as we can bring you, we're excited to hear from you!

Charles Howard | President & Founder
Charles Howard | President & Founder

Our team

The best leaders in our industry


Our values

Mission first, people always.


Great teams succeeds together. We cannot fail when we operate as one.


Go above and beyond to solve problems. Exercise compassion. Deliver magic to customers and coworkers. Leadership transcends titles.


Look for problems and engineer solutions. Maximize success with critical and creative thinking.

Perks and benefits

Prioritizing wellness on and off the clock.

Excellent pay and promotion opportunities
12-weeks parental leave
Unlimited vacation policy
Weekly Paid lunch
Cool t-shirts and jackets
Company retreats

Current openings

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Dev Ops

Customer Success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Health Benefits?

Not at the current time.

Do you offer retirement benefits.

Not at the current time.

Do you offer the ability to work remote?

This is dependent on your role.

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